As an independent arts venue with the wittiest staircase in KL (you’ll know what we mean if you’ve been there), Merdekarya has made a name for itself by hosting open mic nights, film screenings and other fun things. They also sell Malaysian books and music CDs.Providing a free space for musicians, artists and comedians isn’t easy, but Merdekarya have now made it to the one year mark, and they are celebrating this Saturday 11 January. There will be regular performers, music jams and a free flow of “Tequila Serai” from 7pm – 9pm.We salute the founders, Brian Gomez and Melani Delilkan, for transforming this space near Bukit Gasing into such a lively venue in the last year and for making a pretty mean toasted cheese sandwich too. See you at the party!Ling Low

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