Poster for ‘Penalty of Justice’, one of the films to be screened at FFF.
Freedom Film Festival (FFF) is Malaysia’s most established human rights film festival that features the spirit of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Since its launch in 2003, FreedomFilmFest has been launching annual back to back screenings of films both local and international talents.This year’s theme “Unseen, Unheard, Untold” explores fresh narratives of freedom. From press to religion, the selected 26 films hopes to offer a fresh perspective of the world around us.Discover the grim reality of state controlled media in the dark days of the Philippines’ dictatorship in Portraits of a Mosquito Press, understand what it means to lose your children in the tragic aftermath of a typhoon in Nick and Chai, and be inspired by a celebrated footballer who fights a corrupt system in the Ukrainian film Penalty of Justice.The festival opens on 11 September with the Academy Award winning documentary Citizenfour, which follows Edward Snowden’s days in Hong Kong shortly after the NSA leaks.Closer to home, the festival will also premiere Viral, Sial! a film which follows the fall-out from BFM’s inadvertently viral video about hudud, and its implications for Malaysian politics, gender and religion.The screenings will be held at PJLA in Jaya One from 11 – 20 September across 14 sessions. Each session is priced at RM10 or RM20 (for combined film screenings) and a full festival pass costs RM100.For more information on FFF visit their official website. Click here for ticket details.Soumya Bhathttp://rusbankinfo.ru займ на карту срочно без отказа