For the New Year, Publika continues their routine of screening free movies in an effort to expose the public to a wider array of films. Organised in collaboration with the Japan Foundation, they will be presenting a selection of Japanese films every Monday night for the entire month of January.

There are four movies for you to chose from, ranging from the cute stop-motion animation of KOMANEKO – The Curious Cat to one that tugs at the heartstrings like Haru’s Journey.

Each film will start at 8pm and will be screened at the Square @ Publika.

The movies in order of screening dates are:

The Chef of South Polar (6 January) – Set in the Antartica, this is a comedic biographical tale of chef Nishimura and his misadventures with the team at the Dome Fuji Station. Join him as he serves up tantalizing food akin to those at fine dining establishments to quell their longings for home.

KOMANEKO – The Curious Cat (13 January) – This will be a film that will delight the children and charm the adults with its story of a kitten who makes her own stop-motion films using her beloved 8mm camera. All in all, a story of creativity and friendship.

Haru’s Journey (20 January) – A movie that explores the intricacies of family ties and bonds through the journey that Tadao, an elderly fisherman and his granddaughter, Haru undertake in Hokkaido.

ROBO – G (27 January) – Discover what happens when the employees at Kimura Electronics fails to properly develop a functioning robot. The ensuing hilarity and chaos that follows as they decide to put a man inside a robot suit will provide for a most entertaining watch.

Lyn Ong

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