Elizabeth Tan has made quite a name for herself since releasing music covers on her Youtube channel. Now on her plate: being featured in local DJ duo, Goldfish and Blink’s new video for their latest track, “Somewhere New”.

Taking almost a year to complete, the much anticipated video dropped two days ago on Goldfish and Blink’s Youtube channel. The music video starts out with Elizabeth’s soothing voice beckoning to take you somewhere new, like our very own local Pied Piper. When the bass drops, the pumped up beats are accompanied by Elizabeth chasing after Goldfish and Blink in the busy setting of Chinatown. Before it’s all over, there’s still time to squeeze in a high speed car chase.

It’s easy to get lost in the music of “Somewhere New”. The track is a perfect pick-me-up after a long day at work or for an added boost of motivation to finish that final rep in the gym. Goldfish and Blink are no strangers to artist collaborations, having worked with other familiar local talents such as SonaOne, Arabyrd and Noh Salleh. We can’t wait to see who they’re planning to collaborate with next!

Watch the video here:

Stephanie Boey