A couple of months ago, the independent music venue Findars packed up and left their adopted home in Wangsa Maju. Now they have relocated to Jalan Panggung in downtown KL. Azam Hisham of The Wknd caught up with the Findars team for an interview in their new digs.

Starting out as a casual art collective, Findars has grown into a space which provides a place for the fringes of independent music as well as art and experimental audio/video installations. This is their third move in five years: Findars’ first base was at Central Market in 2008.

“We had gigs going till 3am in Annexe and it was totally fine. We had regular shut ins too. So shutters shut at 3, but kids would hang around inside till as late as 6,” recalls Wong Eng Leong. Now the space is a gallery which sells tourist-friendly art of waterfalls and trees.

“We created the space really to just have that platform for artistes like ourselves. A place where you don’t need to fill up forms, or have repeated phone conversations. A place where it’s as easy as one phone call and you have a space to play with for your performance, whatever it may be.”

For the guys, coming back to downtown KL means joining a community that is confronting huge upheaval in the form of the MRT development. They share a building with Yeoh of the art collective Lostgens. He also runs the Petaling Street Community Art Project, which has been at the forefront of promoting local heritage.

With the addition of Findars in Jalan Panggung, we look forward to hearing old KL make more noise.

Ling Low

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