Opening this Saturday, The “Market” exhibition at The Print Room presents photographs of Pudu Market, Kuala Lumpur’s largest wet market. From playing children to butchered animals and sleeping traders, this exhibition shows the iconic market in its many daily guises.

Over four months, a group of photography students visited the market repeatedly at all hours of the day, hoping to capture its moods, its rhythms and its people. Their challenge was to take a piece of KL’s living history, explore it and interpret it. All photographs were taken on film, and developed by hand.

The results of the project are now presented in “Market”, an exhibition which will run for two months from this Saturday, 7 July.

The Print Room, 49, Lorong 16/9E, PJ (012 337 2903). Open Fridays (5pm-9pm) and weekends (2pm-6pm). For more information, please visit

Photo: Paul Gadd