People say there’s no such thing as a free lunch. But how about free food, free clothes, free movies, free skills and free books? Yes, you read that right. KL-ites Ee Chia and Pik-Svonn will be organising a free market, Pasar Percuma, on Sunday 16 June at Dataran Merdeka.

Pasar Percuma aims to give away things that people have bought but don’t need. As an antidote to the endless consumerism that we see around us, the event is build around the notion of “bring something, take something”. For those who have nothing to give away, fret not! Just bring yourselves and discover hidden gems in this pasar. The organisers would like to reiterate the idea that not everything comes with a price tag and that’s not just limited to things but also ideas, services and skills.

Old books, pre-loved dresses and even films are amongst the items to be given away in this market. Pejuang Puisi will be giving away free pieces of framed poetry and quotes to everyone interested. If you wish to bring things to give away, don’t forget to also bring mats for laying out your goods – as no tables or booths will be provided.

Pasar Percuma is happening on Sunday 16 June next to the Sultan Abdul Samad building from 4pm – 7pm. Find out more about Pasar Percuma here.

Photo: Creative Commons, phalinn