Photo courtesy of Rakan KL.

RakanKL (also known as the People’s Movement for Heritage Preservation and Sustainable Development of Kuala Lumpur) will be running heritage walks every weekend throughout Merdeka month, August.

Volunteers will provide guided historical tours of Merdeka era buildings such as Chin Woo Stadium, Stadium Negara, Stadium Merdeka, and the site of the demolished Tunku Park (Merdeka Park).

These walks aim to raise awareness of heritage and encourage dialogue on local history. RakanKL was formed in 2012 as a group opposed to both the 118-storey “Menara Warisan” megatower project and the MRT construction in the Jalan Sultan area.

The walks are free and open to the public. RakanKL will collect donations from attendees to help fund future projects.

Sign up and find out more on their Facebook page.