Filemmakers Anonymous are back with an encore screening of Filemmakers Anonymous #19 on Tuesday 23 July 2013 at Palate Palette from 9pm.

Filemmakers Anonymous is a collective. Seven years into the scene, they have hosted over 20 screenings of independent short films in and around Malaysia. This event will feature ten short films by local filmmakers. Entry is free.

Highlights include Sunrise by Bradley Liew, Malaysia’s sole representative at the 2013 Festival de Cannes. Sunrise tells a tale of a man recalling his last moments together with a girl.

Lukis Tanahairku is an experimental independent film project involving people from the streets of Malaysia creating Malaysian-themed artworks in conjunction with the 55th Independence Day.

Other films include Ramadan, Cassandra, 3 years in 3 Minutes in Shostakovich Op. 131, Lukis Tanahairku, Bajet, Talking in Bed, Sunrise, Return to Sender, Letting Go and Mock Momok. Each film is ten minutes or shorter.

Find out more on the Facebook event page.