The Brew Culture. Photo: Ng Juan Hann.

Back in April, we published a story about KL’s growing coffee culture, which pointed out that more and more people are now using coffee shops as hang out places. For freelancers, coffee shops can be makeshift offices, a comfortable home away from home.

But as Ramadhan begins, we imagine there will be a number of freelancers who are avoiding coffee shops. Where do they go? Working at home is not quite the same. As studies have shown, we work most productively when we have some ambient sound: a middle ground between total silence and chaos. The kind of buzz provided by a coffee shop, in other words.

This is where Coffitivity comes in. It’s a new web app, in beta, which plays the ambient sounds of a coffee shop wherever you are. You can play the sounds for free from their website, or sign up to await the offline app. Click play and you’ll hear the sounds of gently clinking of cups and background chatter.

It’s pretty realistic, minus the overly loud customers bragging about their children or bitching about their colleagues – which, let’s face it, is a common hazard of many coffee shops in KL. You can also combine the ambient sounds with your own music playlist, adjusting the volumes of both to get the right balance.

So there you have it – a coffee shop wherever you are. Now you just need a sofa to complete the experience. The best part? You won’t have to ask a stranger to watch your laptop while you pee.

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Ling Low