Looking for something new to do? What about a shopping spree for charity?

Apart from counseling, the Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) also offers shelter for abused woman and their children. It is a temporary home to almost 300 women and children each year. On average, there are 25 women and children at the shelter at any one time.

WAO ensures that residents at the shelter are well cared for and comfortable, and this means basic amenities that afford them a measure of respect and dignity. Residents are responsible for specific tasks on a rotation basis which include preparing meals and housekeeping.

You too could contribute to the welfare of WAO’s residents.


WAO’s shopping list for charity

WAO charity shopping list

WAO charity shopping list

Please contact WAO Administrator, Vash at [email protected] or 03 7957 5636 / 0636 if you like to contribute or for further queries.Groceries need to be restocked every week and toiletries fortnightly.

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