The Centre for Asian Photographers opened its doors in December 2013 to all photography enthusiasts as a community space within Jaya One’s The School. “I always envisioned a space which customers could call home, where they could mingle and share experiences in a comfortable milieu,” says George Wong, the director and curator. Today his vision is put into practice at the centre.

“I see photography as a tool for the everyday public, a way to put value into something that is truly invaluable: time,” says George.

With services ranging from fine art printing, photo dedicated exhibitions, photography related equipment, customized photo trips, educational talks and its own digital magazine, the centre acts like a one stop shop for photography lovers of any skill level. There is workshop on digital photography fundamentals coming up in February.

So what does George make of the level of talent in Asia? “Like most art, it’s hard to define photographers in any region in generic terms really but I do know that there are many great ones coming out from Asia with their own distinctive styles but they perhaps have yet to reach mainstream fame. Some have but many haven’t.”

CAP has plans to expand to neighboring countries and be the representative voice of photography in South East Asia. While acknowledging that it’s a big dream, George is hopeful of the future. “I see this as a distinct possibility, even if only virtually. Hopefully I can find others with the same kind of vision to carry this idea forward in the respective countries.”

Mehek Saeed

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