Travelling is an experience packed with exploration, discovery and new things. While you can wear whatever you like (all weather-related factors considered) to most countries, there are specific sites in even the most liberal nations that might require a certain dress code. There are times where you may be unprepared – either because you didn’t expect it, or because you didn’t pack the appropriate outfit. This affects female travellers, mostly, while reflecting the particular culture’s social norms and expectations.

Avid traveller and Poskod.MY contributor Annie Hariharan wants to hear your stories: what you wore on various travels, how you felt having to adhere to dress codes, and whether you or others were surprised by this. It can be a photo with a brief description, much like the Humans of New York compilation. Once Annie receives enough contributions, she will post it on Facebook for greater reach to spark expanded levels of discussion.

Annie can be contacted at [email protected] Male travellers are, of course, welcome to contribute their stories too.

Photo courtesy of Annie Hariharan займ на карту мгновенно круглосуточно без отказа 1000 рублей