The Royal Istana of Kuala Terenggan, is Malaysia’s latest palace and home to His Royal Highness Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin. While you can only see the inside by invitation, the palace recently opened its doors to a production crew – and they have shared the results.

Canadian photographer and videographer Benjamin Von Wong made a short film featuring the palace with the help of cinematographer Eric Oh and the rest of the crew. Von Wong also shared a range of photos on Medium, revealing the stunning design of the palace in its grandeur.


The palace was designed by architect Bill Bensley, whose architecture firm has designed luxury hotels and resorts around Asia. The palace took 15 years to complete and it’s easy to see why from the scale and breadth of design.

Consisting of over a hundred rooms as well as vast gardens, the palace features Moroccan influences, with “hand cut ceramic tiles, deep cobalt blues, and a plethora of local bronze antiques.”

“Though it was an absolutely phenomenal experience, I can’t help but feel like we didn’t have nearly enough time to do the palace justice,” Von Wong writes in his blog post. For now, the photos and video are the only glimpse that the public will have of this architectural feat.

Kuala Terengganu Palace1

Kuala Terengganu Palace5 Kuala Terengganu Place2 Kuala Terengganu Palace3 Kuala Terengganu Palace 4 Kuala Terengganu Palace 5


Photos by Benjamin Von Wong. Watch the full video and view the rest of Benjamin Von Wong’s photographs of the Royal Istana of Kuala Terengganu here.

CORRECTION: The original article stated that Von Wong is Malaysian. He is Canadian. (04/06/2015).

Kathryn Rao