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Photo: Kenny Loh.

Photographer Kenny Loh spent two years travelling across Malaysia to document ordinary people and their livelihoods. Eventually, his photo portraits became a book, Born in Malaysia. We met Kenny last year and featured his photographs on Poskod.MY.

The photographs from Born in Malaysia will now be displayed at the main concourse of Publika for an exhibition in conjunction with Merdeka Day and Malaysia Day. Presented by Artemis Art gallery, the exhibition will be launched on Saturday 23 August at 3pm.

Themed as a “Unity Exhibition”, the exhibition is intended to show the diversity of Malaysians, but also their common ground. As the organisers emphasise, “Malaysia’s great cultural and social diversity is not a barrier to national unity.”

Guests at the launch will include some of the individuals photographed by Kenny, as well as civil society groups such as Malaysians for Malaysia. There will be interactive walls for the public to express their own ideas on Malaysian-ness and unity.

Poskod.MY will also be collaborating with Kenny Loh for a photo competition supported by Canon and Sharpie. More details will be revealed soon!

Ling Low

Born in Malaysia Unity Exhibition runs from 23 August – 2 September, during Publika opening hours (10am – 10pm). Find out more here.