One of the featured photos on Beards of Malaysia: Sher, of local band Shake n' Bake.
One of the featured photos on Beards of Malaysia: Sher, of local band Shake n’ Bake.

Beards are about to get a lot more appreciation in KL courtesy of Beards of Malaysia, an Instagram account dedicated to paying tribute to – well, beards of Malaysia. With the trend of facial hair on the rise, Beards of Malaysia is all about recognising the beauty of various bushy specimens seen around town.

Beards of Malaysia was started by photographer and comedian Prakash Daniel, who one day decided to try growing out a goatee. “I was just lazy to trim the goatee and so I let it grow. Soon, the beard was nice and I loved it. My girlfriend loves it too hence why it stayed on,” he explains.

Indian Jesus @prakashdaniel is a photographer/comedian from KL #beardsofmalaysia #facialhair #pogonophile

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Through the Instagram account, Prakash aims to showcase not just his friends, people from various walks of life, including those who have had a beard for years – like the uncle he buys noodles from in the market, the roti man that drives around his taman, and many more.

Beards of Malaysia is relatively new, with a number of the pictures coming from Prakash’s own collection of images taken at events and music festivals. He also works alongside his fellow bearded friend Joshua Desmond to find more friendly, facial-haired folks to photograph.

The Instagram account joins hundreds of thousands of Instagram users around the world who are self-professed “pogonophiles” – people who love or study beards.

Got a beard you’d like to share with the world? Hashtag #beardsofmalaysia on Instagram. You can also e-mail beard[email protected] for user submitted photos.

Gabriel Chua