Photo courtesy of Batik Sarong Terengganu.
Photo courtesy of Batik Sarong Terengganu.

Whether worn daily or on fashion runways, batik is part of our national fabric. But how much do we know about its history and its community of crafters?  Batik Sarong Terengganu is a crowdfunded research project that seeks to find out more about batik.

The project goal is publish a book on origins and history of Batik Sarong Terengganu. While batik production is closely associated with Kelantan, there is less awareness of Terengganu’s traditions of batik.

As well as publishing a book to share research, the project will arrange collaboration between young Malaysian designers with traditional batik craftsmen in order to produce limited edition batik sarongs.

The research team is helmed by Raja Fuziah Raja Tun Uda, an expert on traditional arts and also recipient of UNESCO AHPADA Seal of Excellence for Handicrafts for Southeast Asia, and Erna Dyanty Mad Daluis, who has worked in the industry with institutions such as the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia and National Visual Arts Gallery.

How can you support the project? The team currently has a crowdfunded campaign on Indiegogo. Their financial goal is USD 7,000. In acknowledgement of their support, backers will receive various perks, ranging from batik postcards, apparel and accessories, as well as the book itself.

Audi Bin Ali

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