Star Wars wayang kulit
Peperangan Bintang by Tintoy Chuo and Teh Take Huat.
Can’t wait for Star Wars: Episode VII? How about watching it all over again, but with the characters guided by puppeteers, rather than the ominous Force? On 14 – 15 June, Warisan Lab is hosting a Peperangan Bintang wayang kulit where the characters that we all have come to know and love will be brought to life with traditional puppetry.Badan Warisan Malaysia is a non-profit organisation committed to the conservation, preservation and promotion of Malaysia’s built heritage. The Warisan Lab gathers local artists and professionals who attempt to marry traditions and technology to tell stories and capture images in a wildly innovative and quirky ways.The event will be held at Badan Warisan Malaysia on Jalan Stonor. Aside from the Peperangan Bintang wayang kulit, you can watch experimental puppeteer theatre performance, Main Wayang: Hikayat Sang Kancil and a 3D digital capture of the boatmakers of Terengganu.Badan Warisan is also hoping to organise more funds for its cause, with a fundraising ball on the 20 June. The ball features legendary singer Sheila Majid and her daughter, Kayda Aziz to entertain you, as well as local DJ duo Dangerdisko. The ball will be held at Majestic Hotel with tickets costing a minimum of RM300.Audi Bin AliFind out more about Warisan Lab and Kul Ball. займ на карту срочно без отказа