Centre For Asian Photographers, Jaya One.
Centre For Asian Photographers, Jaya One.

This weekend (25 and 26 October), Art For Grabs and the Centre for Asian Photographers will be hosting a day dedicated to photography at The School, Jaya One.

Calling all shutterbugs, the day’s fun will include an exhibition of 22 photography booths, to tie in with the Photo Art Convention happening at the same time at The School. There will also be a series of talks and discussions about photography, ranging from its philosophies to the processes of the craft.

The talk series starts on Saturday with “Photographers: Masters or Slaves?”, a debate with BFM’s Night School duo Ahmad Fuad Rahmat and Sharaad Kuttan, in conversation with photographer-curator-activist Pang Khee Teik, arts-worker-curator Ong Jo-Lene, and artist-curator-writer Yap Sau Bin.

The talks continue with “Community Photo Projects”, in which Vignes Balasingam (curator of Obscura Festival) and KG Krishnan talk about how photography can be used by communities to make their own social issues more visible. Finally, three photographer-lecturers – Che’ Ahmad Azhar, Eiffel Chong and Minstrel Kuik – will debate how and why photography can be taught in “Confessions of 3 Photography Teachers”.

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