Kampung Hakka in Mantin. Photo by Victor Chin.

We published a photo feature of Kampung Hakka’s demolition last year. Now, Rakan Mantin, a group promoting the kampung’s heritage, are continuing their efforts to raise awareness of the community in Mantin. They will be holding a photo seminar about Kampung Hakka on Saturday 22 February from 10am to 6pm.

Through the seminar, Rakan Mantin hope to gather photos for a mobile photographic exhibition that will document the history and changes that affect the village. The event will be run by volunteers, facilitated by Seong Foong and Victor Chin and is open to the public.

People who have photos of Kampung Hakka to share should submit a minimum of 10 of their best images. These pictures will then be presented during the seminar and workshop for further discussion.

Aside from photographic materials, writers are also welcome to submit related articles (200-300 words) based on the provided guidelines by Rakan Mantin that will help in documenting the project. All materials submitted will be copyrighted to their respective owners and credited as such.

Lyn Ong

Find out more about the event here and of Rakan Mantin here.