A photo from the 50 X 50 My Malaysia website’s photo collection, “The Chindian Project”.

What is it about Malaysia which makes it Malaysian? More importantly, what is it that makes it our Malaysia? These are questions that we at Poskod.my hold close to our hearts. They are also the questions which inspired 50×50 My Malaysia.

50×50 My Malaysia is mini-site that is collecting stories of Malaysians – some known, some unknown. It launched on Merdeka Day and will continue to post new stories up until Malaysia Day this year: the 50th year we will mark the ‘becoming’ of Malaysia.

The project was started by lecturer and journalist Niki Cheong, who was inspired by the different stories he heard of life around the country. “Whether through interviews, casual chit chats or just eavesdropping – my fellow Malaysians have not only shared with me snippets of their lives, but also their respective histories and dreams,” he writes.

“But there are so many Malaysians I have yet to meet and conversations I have yet to have.
 50×50 My Malaysia is an initiative for not only me, but for all of us, to engage in these conversations – whether to tell our stories or to listen to others.” Niki will also be travelling to different states in the next two weeks to collect more interviews.

He encourages all Malaysians, whether at home or abroad, to submit stories. You can use email, Instagram or even postcards. So far, the site already has a promising collection of anecdotes, ranging from photos of Chindian families to a love letter to Nasi Lemak (what else?). There will eventually be a total of 50 stories, as well as art, photos and videos.

The collection will be displayed during a finale event at Pavilion on 16 September. In the meantime, visit the website here and follow the project with the #50X50My hashtag.

Ling Low