Artwork by EscapeVa.

Local talent across the arts comes together for Rantai Art Festival 2015, 28 – 29 March. It’s the place to be to explore the Malaysian art scene, with activities lined up including street theater, film screenings and showcases by poets, authors and street painters.

The Rantai Art Festival began back in 2006. This years’ edition themed “Life Itself Is Art” will see music performed by the likes of Pastel Lite, Box For Letter and Rainbow Congress, and other showcases including the works of artist Cloakwork. For a full listing of performers and showcases, drop by Rantai’s official event page. Besides acts to enjoy, do look out for food and fashion vendors as well.

Free your calendars for the two-day event happening this weekend, from 10am – 10pm at Lanai, MATIC (Malaysian Tourism Centre). Entry to the event is free of charge.

Anna Lee

MaTIC, 109 Jalan Ampang, KL 55000.