While many of us head to local Ramadan bazaars looking for our favourite kueh or ayam percik, it’s also hard to resist some of the more unusual offerings. We’ve seen, for example, pasar specialities like potato swirls, rainbow cake and maggi goreng burger patties popping up in recent years. These innovations often become a hot item across various bazaars.With that in mind, our team came up with six imagined mega snacks that we would like to see at our local pasar Ramadan this year. These culinary hybrids don’t exist – at least, not yet – but we can still dream.ApamBalikSambal Apam BalikWe’re used to seeing apam balik with sweet fillings like corn and peanut butter. How about a savoury version? Imagine biting into the soft pancake and having molten, spicy mess of sambal and cheese inside, or even rendang. We’re drooling just thinking about it.RJalaPopiahRoti Jala PopiahRoti jala and popiah are two favourites in almost any Ramadan bazaar. Imagine what glorious combination it would make – delicious popiah fillings covered in delicate roti jala, instead of the usual rice pastry skins. Not only does this sound tempting, it would definitely save you the time from having to queue up at two separate stalls to get both delicacies.IkanMasinPizza

Ikan Masin PizzaIf you can have anchovies on pizza, why not ikan masin? Add plenty of sambal, tomato sauce, chili you name it, and add mozzarella on top of a classic Italian pizza dough base. If we wanted to get even more fancy, we would throw some rocket leaves on top too.LemangBurgerLemang BurgerLemang is all that it takes to localise the popular Korean Rice Burger. We’d use discs of lemang as the ‘buns’ and put either a regular beef patty inside or a nice tender ayam percik breast.The lemang will be able to inject sweetness and pandan aroma to the burger. Add a murtabak in between and you’re on your way to a gastronomical nirvana.PGorengBanoffeePisang Goreng BanoffeeWe’ve seen pisang goreng with cheese already. Taking an idea from a banoffee pie, we’re thinking that pisang goreng would taste amazing if dipped in toffee sauce, churros style. Optional: whipped cream on top.PutuPiringSmores002Putu Piring with S’moresPicture this – a fusion of another American classic and a local favourite. S’mores usually have a toasted marshmallow and chocolate sandwiched between two brackers. Now imagine replacing the marshmallow with putu piring! That sugar rush can’t come soon enough.

Which one of these would you eat?

Sambal Apam Balik
Roti Jala Popiah
Lemang Burger
Ikan Masin Pizza
Putu Piring S’mores
Pisang Goreng Banoffee

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Illustrations by Lyn Ong. Words by the Poskod.MY team.What’s your idea for a future Pasar Ramadan mega snack?  

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