Budget 2014 will be tabled later today, with new announcements that affect how Malaysians spend and save money. But this year, there has also been talk of a Malaysian Happiness Index to help improve our nation’s well being.

It’s a move that fits with global trends towards indexing happiness, as the world starts to take “quality of life” more seriously. Polls published by think tanks and researchers like Gallup and The Economist compare the best countries to live.

But how do you measure happiness? If we asked you to give us a score of how happy you are, say between 1 to 10, it would be pretty hard. So we decided to try an experiment: we asked people to tell us what makes them happy.

The results are varied, ranging from family and food to music and making other people smile. We hope you’ll enjoy our unscientific survey. Bonus feature: our collage features two cats. See if you can spot them.