Chili Padi Chicken, RM10.80. Photo by Lyn Ong.

What is it?

A friendly neighbourhood bar and restaurant which serves delicious Western and Asian food spanning across the Southeast Asian region. With its rustic-chic aesthetic and “chilled-out design”, this bar and grill diner gives out a comfortable, familiar air and vibe of a certain iconic bar on TV where everybody knows your name.

Spaghetti Carbonara with Chicken, RM10.80. Photo by Lyn Ong.
Spaghetti Carbonara with Chicken, RM10.80. Photo by Lyn Ong.

Who is it?

The man behind Uncle Don’s is the don himself, Chef Don Daniel Theseira, or you can just call him Uncle Don for short as the restaurant name suggests. You can catch him sitting at the storefront chatting up friends and patrons while enjoying a beer and a cigarette which he won’t hesitate to put down just to welcome you in or thank you for coming.

Chicken Arroz Caldo, RM8.80. Photo by Lyn Ong.

Go for

The Filipino dishes on the menu if you feel like having Asian food but are bored with the usual suspects. Many restaurants often forget this neighbouring country when building a menu so this would be a nice change. Try the Chicken Arroz Caldo (RM8.80) which is chicken congee cooked with ginger, garlic and fish sauce. For more meaty grub, try the Sizzling Sisig (RM10.80) which is grilled pork innards seasoned with lime and chili peppers usually eaten with rice or on its own as a bar snack.

Sizzling Sisig, RM10.80. Photo by Lyn Ong.
Sizzling Sisig, RM10.80. Photo by Lyn Ong.

Eat with

With your best group of friends. The familiar and comfortable setting is the best place to catch up with old friends you’ve known since the hey day. And by all means, grab a pint! Uncle Don’s serves cold and fresh draught beer dispensed at -2°C degrees into frozen mugs everyday, all night long for RM8.80.

Price range

Considering the fancy setting, you’ll find that the menu prices at Uncle Don’s are very affordable. You can have a meal for lower than RM10 and as high as RM20.

Uncle Don’s, 183, Jalan SS 2/24, SS 2, 47300 PJ. Opening hours are 11am – 1am. Find out more here.

Stephanie Boey

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