Artisan kebabs at K-bab Lab in Kota Damansara.
Artisan kebabs at K-bab Lab in Kota Damansara.

KL has seen plenty of food crazes over the past years – from cupcakes to charcoal burgers and “KLonuts”. It seems that the latest is kebabs. K-bab Lab, a hot new opening in Kota Damansara, is serving up artisan kebabs that are a fusion of our familiar satay and more gourmet flavours.

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The kebabs here come in various combinations, ranging from chicken and beef to prawns and scallops. In fact, if you can put it on a kebab, then it’s served here. After sampling their menu, we’d have to agree with the restaurant’s tagline: “so delicious, it’s seditious.”

The joint seems to be popular with an array of urbanites – from journalists to opposition politicians, cartoonists and students. There’s also plenty of lawyers lingering around the place, though they don’t seem to have much appetite.

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Waiters and chefs at K-bab Lab dress in purple, and customers can also opt to dress in purple in return for a 10% discount. You’re also rewarded with extra kebabs if you have a big Twitter following.

The restaurant does not take any reservations, but you may be suddenly selected for a meal in the middle of the night. You’ll be in good company: K-bab Lab already has people queuing around the block – many of them holding candles, for some reason.

The restaurant has a strict policy: once customers come in, they are locked in.