Prawn donburi. Photo credit: D-Buri Buri

What is it?

D-Buri Buri is a newly opened and cosy Japanese restaurant in Damansara Uptown that currently focuses on serving donburi (rice bowl) sets and a small variety of other Japanese dishes excluding sushi. For a cheap, light meal or even just a snack to fulfil your Japanese food cravings, D-Buri Buri is now open for business.

Tsukimi Udon and chef’s signature chili

Who is it?

A team of local individuals (who wish to remain low profile) partnered up to create their first F&B venture, D-Buri Buri. The chef is Malaysian, but has had years of culinary experience in Japan as he had migrated there and settled for many years till he decided to come back to Malaysia and continue cooking Japanese cuisine in KL.

Kinoko Butter

Go For

Chicken Gyoza and Kinoko Butter for starters. The steamed and then lightly pan fried Japanese dumplings stuffed with chicken and vegetables will whet your appetite. The Kinoko Butter is served with silky mushrooms that just melt in your mouth amid the butter.

Alongside their donburi rice dishes, they also offer small selection of udon bowls such as a tsunami udon and tanuka udon for those who prefer noodles to rice.

Chicken Gyoza

Eat With

Friends and family who are looking for a cheaper alternative to Japanese dining and crave donburi sets and Japanese appetisers. D-Buri Buri is a cute restaurant with kind and friendly service.


Appetizers at RM4 and above, Meals at RM9 and above.

3, Ground Floor, SS21/56B, Damansara Utama, 47400 PJ. Opens daily 10am – 11pm. Find out more about D-Buri Buri here.

Kathryn Rao