Their assorted flavoured buns. Photo by Lyn Ong.
Their assorted flavoured buns. Photo by Lyn Ong.

What is it?

A cosy little Sailor-themed cafe in the midst of the bustling streets of SS15. They serve Western food, coffee and ice-cream, most of which are affordable enough for a student’s wallet. You would expect that most of their customers are students considering that it is walking distance from Taylor’s College and INTI College (among various educational centres around the area). However, the cafe’s operations manager, Adam, revealed to us that they even have customers hailing all the way from Seremban, Malacca and various places after Big Mike’s specialties went viral on Facebook.


Island Roasted Chicken Wings, RM9.90
Island Roasted Chicken Wings, RM9.90. Photo by Lyn Ong.

Who is it?

We asked Adam the inevitable question, but he explained that they’d rather not expose who is, in fact – the Big Mike. “We prefer to keep it a secret, and just say that he’s at sea, sailing away,” he said. The cafe, however, is managed by a group of guys who are also engineers at a local construction company. They decided to venture into the F&B business after over a year of research and development work, and started by selling coffee and drinks at festivals. Interestingly, the cafe is also fully designed, renovated and decorated by the same guys – putting their construction skills to good use.

Malaysia's first mini ice cream burgers. Photo by Lyn Ong
Mini ice-cream burgers. Photo by Lyn Ong.

Go for

Their Signature Original Mini Ice-cream Burgers. It is a generous serving of vanilla ice-cream tucked in between fluffy, flavoured buns. For a basic set, choose four from the available flavours: caramel, coffee, tangerine, pandan, and strawberry. Their ice-cream is custom-made by Nestle with the right blend of vanilla and a slight milkiness, creating a lighter taste. Their buns are also specially made-to-order to prevent them from getting soggy too quickly.

Big Mike's Signature Lasagna, RM9.90. Photo by Lyn Ong.
Big Mike’s Signature Lasagna, RM9.90. Photo by Lyn Ong.

Eat with

Their lasagna. For only RM9.90, this dish has just the right amount of cheese, meat and delicious bolognese sauce to satisfy your taste buds and fill the tummy (don’t worry, you’ll still have space for dessert!).

Price range

Their ice-cream burgers go for RM10.50 for four scoops of vanilla ice cream and four flavoured buns. Their sandwiches, pasta and snacks range from RM7 – RM13.50 while their heavier meals (chicken, beef, lamb and seafood) range from RM14 – RM33.

Big Mike Cafe, Jalan SS 15/8, SS 15 A01-01, (Ground Floor) Menara Rajawali, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor. Opening hours are 8.30am – 12am on weekdays and 10am – 12am on weekends. Find out more here.

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