Photo of Lynda Chean by Julian Oh for the feature "Tattoo Artists of Malaysia".
Photo of Lynda Chean by Julian Oh for the feature “Tattoo Artists of Malaysia”.

As 2014 draws to a close, we take a look back at our year and revisit some of our favourite feature stories from the past year.

Poskod.MY has always tried to take a closer look at Malaysian life, from city sub-cultures to hidden histories. In the list below, you’ll find a selection of our best journalism from this year – as well as a few extras.

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Poskod Picks: Best Features of 2014


Poskod.MY’s responses to the aviation tragedy of MH370: an editorial note on closure by Ling Low, an article on debunking myths by Amirul Ruslan and “Silent Seas”, an artwork by Sharon Chin.

The Food Detective: Bakso Soup, by Lyn Ong

In Kampung Baru, the mysterious Kak Guna runs an obscure gerai, serving up bakso soup that people swear by. (March 2014).

A Passion For Print, by Jon Chew

The Royal Press has preserved a 100 year old letterpress legacy. Ee Soon Wei tells us how he plans to steer the family business into the future. (March 2014).

Buzz Giler Beb, by the Poskod.MY team

Poskod.MY set up a fake website on 1 April, Buzz Giler Beb, featuring highly factual articles like “Top 10 Insanely Healthy Foods in Malaysia” and “21 Reasons to Love Lists”. (April 2014).

The Valley of Hope, by Terence Toh

A visit to Sungai Buloh, once one of the world’s largest leper colonies. (April 2014).

Photo by Ling Low for the feature "A&W: The Future in Curly Fries".
Photo by Ling Low for the feature “A&W: The Future in Curly Fries”.

A&W – Future in Curly Fries, by Adeline Chua

Malaysia’s oldest fast food chain has suffered huge losses in recent years – but it may finally be making a come back. Can A&W survive on nostalgia and curly fries? (April 2014).

Labour Day Selfies, by the Poskod.MY team

The faces of the people who build our roads, clean our homes and cook our food. To mark Labour Day, we featured selfies and stories of migrant workers in Malaysia. (May 2014).

Rojak Romance, by Ching Yee

We interviewed three generations of inter-racial couples to see how attitudes to mixed relationships have changed over the years – if at all. (May 2014).

Photo by Alia Ali for the feature "A Burmese Food Tour".
Photo by Alia Ali for the feature “A Burmese Food Tour”.

The Food Detective: A Burmese Food Tour

Migrant workers from Myanmar are often seen working in KL kitchens. But where do they go for a taste of home? We take a trail through Pudu to find out. (May 2014).

Photo Feature: Tattoo Artists, by Julian Oh

Tattoo artist and photographer Julian Oh captures local tattoo artists in their studios. (June 2014).

Untitled: A Poem, by Bernice Chauly

A poem written in response to MH17 being shot down in Ukraine, illustrated by Lyn Ong. (July 2014).

Photo by kG Krishnan, featured in "Home".
Photo by kG Krishnan, featured in “Home”.

Malaysia’s Taste for Waste, by Abdul Qayyum Jumadi and Navshed Navin

The rate of our solid waste is rising at alarming levels – with food waste increasing around festival periods. (July 2014).

Fixi Forward, by Terence Toh

An interview with Amir Muhammad on the success of Fixi, a publishing company that is redefining the market for Malaysian books. (August 2014).

Masak-Masak Malaysia, by the Poskod.MY team

Our video series, in collaboration with the BIG Group, telling Malaysian food stories. (August 2014).

The Women Who Made Malaysia, by the Poskod.MY team

Poskod.MY celebrated Malaysia Day with a feature that highlighted 12 women who were movers and shakers of the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s. (September 2014).

Illustrations by Lyn Ong for "The Women Who Made Malaysia".
Illustrations by Lyn Ong for “The Women Who Made Malaysia”.

Where is Moderate Malaysia? by Audi bin Ali

Does the word “moderate” mean anything to Malaysians anymore? We take a look at the Prime Minister’s Global Movement of Moderates, as well as recent calls for moderation from the mainstream press. (September 2014).

Saving the Coliseum Cinema, by Shima Raj

A look inside KL’s oldest cinema, which has become – like many other heritage cinemas – dedicated to Tamil movie-goers. (October 2014).

Subang State of Mind, by Adeline Chua

As Subang Jaya goes for city status, SJ natives, including Hannah Yeoh and Joe Flizzow, tell us how the suburban town has changed. (October 2014).

Photo Feature: Home, by kG Krishnan

Photographer kG Krishnan shares his photos of the homes of construction workers in the Klang Valley. Interview by Kathryn Rao. (November 2014).

Where I’m Coming From

Our series of personal interviews continued with Fatimah Abu Bakar, Joanne Kam, Saifuddin Abdullah and Redza Minhat.

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