Compiled in a handmade passport, T(in)y is a photo project which examines the importance of small things. Sim Wei Lim (also known as William Sim) created the book as a nod to the under-appreciated things in life. All of the featured objects (from a thermos flask pump, curtain hook and even an ID clip) are items that we usually use without a passing thought. They might be small and sometimes indistinguishable yet they all contribute to a larger purpose.

At 26, William is one of Malaysia’s emerging young photographers. He graduated from Limkokwing University with a BA in Graphic Design awarded by Curtin University. From there, he tutored under notable local photographer Eiffel Chong at Limkokwing and also lectured at Tunku Abdul Rahman College (TARC). Initially gaining exposure through KLPA Exposure+, his works were exhibited at Petronas Gallery in 2013 and Xishuangbanna Foto Festival.

“By shooting this series, I play with my mother tongue which is Chinese. From the title 小(人)物meaning tiny individuals, you take out 人 which means “human”. What is left is only 小物 which is tiny item.”

“I believe if we put the same amount of time and focus to a person who is tiny around us, we could explore a lot of stories from them as well.” He is determined to continue this series and is currently collecting materials to create a second edition of this special passport book which will be dubbed T(in)y 2.0.

Besides T(in)y, William has other ideas on the horizon. Among them, one of his future projects is to chart the taboos surrounding death. He is particularly interested in documenting how families or individuals deal with the topic of death and their preparations for the afterlife. For now, he is still gathering data and researching on people that he could photograph for this upcoming project.

 Lyn Ong

Cover of passport book, T(in)y by William Sim.

Introduction page, T(in)y by William Sim.

Thermos Flask Pump, T(in)y by William Sim.

Curtain Hook, T(in)y by William Sim.

The multiple chops used in the book, T(in)y by William Sim.





All photos courtesy of William Sim. To find out more about T(in)y or William’s future projects, check out his Facebook page.