Exit light. Enter night. Metallica and Malaysia came together at last after 32 years and it was a night of awesome. About 30,000 fans showed up to Stadium Merdeka and 99.9% of them were dressed in black. From the kids to the grandads, seeing Metallica playing under the shadow of the Twin Towers was an unforgettable experience: nothing else matters.

Photos by Andrew Chan, Interviews by Mervyn Raj.

From front centre: Andy, Naim, Sam, Nik. Andy (39): “Kill Em All and …And Justice For All are the best Metallica albums.”

From left: Nanda, Kumar, Jibrael. Kumar (23): “Metallica are the pioneers of thrash metal.”

Cik Jie: “To Live is To Die. YES!”

From left: Ray (Era Radio DJ), Faizal Tahir (Singer), Nazri (Producer). Faizal: “They are legends. They are up there with Led Zeppelin.”

From left: Faiz, Mijie, Aishah.

From left: Thenesh, David, Dominic, Logan (all students). Thenesh (22): “Seek and Destroy, Master of Puppets, Battery and Sad But True. All of our favourites.”

From left: Shahrul, Zam, Kahirul.

From left: Farah Izatul, Effa, Farah Izati, Farah Wahidah. Effa: “Suami saya masuk for the show.”

Muhammad Amirul (28): “Master of Puppets and …And Justice For All. Best albums.”

Nurul Nizam: “Saya memang suka lagu lama. Pantera, Dio, Slayer.”

Zetty and Lan. Lan: “Saya nak dengar Seek and Destroy.

Javier Tan and Ijam. Ijam (Flight Attendant, 26): “I started listening because of my elder brother. When I was Standard 5, he used to play Metallica songs all day at home. Now he dah kahwin dengan anak. That’s why he didn’t come.”

Wan: “Selepas album Justice, saya dah tak dengar lagu mereka. Lagu paling best – Fade to Black.”

From left: Calvino, Shanjeev, Joanne, Sutesh. Calvino (Marketing Executive): “I watched them live in Leeds – fucking incredible. Ask me anything. I know everything about them.”

Syed Faez and Rizzwan.