Any dish that’s served up in a restaurant has been refined, tasted and tweaked until it’s ready to go onto the menu. At The BIG Group this is no different: there’s a team dedicated to developing the various dishes for each menu, who have to taste and perfect each recipe. To us, this sounds suspiciously like the best job in the world.

The Poskod.MY team got the chance to see the Research and Development process for ourselves – and to taste some dishes along the way. We met with The BIG Group’s Head of Research & Development (R&D), Consultant Chef, Group Executive Chef, Executive Chef and Pastry Chef to see what they were cooking up.

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“Any dish can take from one try to ten or twenty tries,” explains Pastry Chef Mabel Cheah. Consultant Chef Henry Chan adds that as Malaysians are travelling more and tasting different cuisines, demands for good food are greater than ever. The BIG Group also has to come up with a variety of different menus for their stable of restaurants, including Ben’s, Plan B, Hit&Mrs, Ben’s Independent Grocer and Beast.

It’s a long but rewarding process of tasting and experimenting – watch our video for the results!

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