By now, you’ve probably seen the Global Witness video that implicates the Chief Minister of Sarawak and his family in illegal sales of state forestland, as well as tax evasion by funneling money into Singapore.

What! Another corruption allegation in Malaysia? Surely not.

Taib has denied everything, while the activist group Global Witness is calling for a Royal Commission of Inquiry to investigate. What will actually happen remains to be seen.

But in the meantime, after you’ve posted your angry comment on Facebook/Twitter/YouTube, there’s something you can do.

At Poskod, we believe that Malaysia’s trees shouldn’t be for sale. Not in Sarawak, not in Sabah, not in Kelantan, not in the Klang Valley, not on our streets or at our parks or in our neighbourhoods.

Deforestation of land for private profit is something that affects all Malaysians, especially the indigenous people who make it their home. Meanwhile, the money lost from tax evasion is money that is lost from government spending on schools, hospitals, and police.

If you agree, then join us in this simple campaign:

1)   Print out the ‘This Tree is Not For Sale’ sign from here (or make your own)*.

2)   Take a photo of the sign stuck to any tree, anywhere in Malaysia. (You can include yourself if the photo, if you want to).

3)   Send us the photo to [email protected] or upload it to Instagram with the hashtag #MYpokok.

*You get bonus points for using recycled or recyclable materials to make your sign (updated on 21/03/2013)

UPDATE: 21/03/2013 – There is now also an online petition for the Prime Minister to launch a Royal Commission of Investigation. The petition is here.



Photo credits: Okui Lala. X #BetterCities