An NGO that specialises in young people’s health has warned of the dangers of being a hipster. Youth United in Medicine, a non-profit organisation that conducts medical research, released a report today suggesting that young Malaysians are not suited to a “hipster lifestyle” and could be damaging their own health.Hipsters are becoming increasingly visible in Malaysian society, usually gathering in arty cafes, musical festivals and at craft markets. While this has seemed like a harmless trend so far, new research now indicates that Malaysian hipsters are endangering themselves and also burdening the public health system.The report by YUM found that skinny jeans, the staple apparel for many hipsters, should not be worn in Malaysian tropical weather. Because the jeans are so tight, wearing them in hot and humid conditions can cause skin infections and may even have long-term effects on sexual health.“Skinny jeans are not designed for a Malaysian climate,” said YUM spokesperson Dr. Pee Wee Lee. “While they may look fashionable, I urge young people to consider the health dangers and the impracticality of these garments.”Dr. Lee cited a case from earlier in the year, when a young male in his early twenties had been unable to remove his jeans after sweating too much. “The jeans were stuck to his skin, and he had to be taken into hospital to have them surgically removed,” she said. “They were snipping away for hours.”Aside from skinny jeans, there may be other dangers related to a hipster lifestyle, the report suggests. The research by YUM found that hipsters tend to be more aloof than other youth, which may lead them to act irrationally. “There is a lot of peer pressure among hipsters,” said Dr. Lee.“There was the tragic case of the young lady who fell into a longkang. Instead of calling for help, she decided it would look cooler if she stayed in the longkang and blogged about her experiences. Then her friends started copying her. They all got cholera!”Since coming out from hospital, the blogger in question has reportedly been offered a multi-million advertising deal. “I blame our culture as much as these poor young people,” said Dr. Lee. “Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr are the real axis of evil.”No hipsters were available for comment. займ на карту срочно без отказа