Unfortunately, this year’s Standard Chartered run was cancelled over the weekend because of the haze. But that won’t stop Malaysians from signing up for more runs in the future – in the past year, we’ve seen runs like the Colour Run, Electric Run and Music Run taking off in KL. This got us thinking, what kind of fun run is coming next?

Ahead of Hari Sukan Negara on 10 October, we at Poskod.MY have come up with some ideas for fun runs that we think would be popular here in Malaysia.

The Blindfold Run

Blindfold run compressed

Participants will be blindfolded during the entire run. At the end of the run, you may be lost. If you’re in a desert, you’ve run too far.

The #Bojio Run

BoJio001 bojio run compressed

Sign up for this run with a group of friends, making sure that you exclude one person who will definitely notice later on Instagram.

The Tinder Run

Tinder run compressed

Stand at the starting line with someone you met on Tinder. Then run in the opposite direction from them.

The Selfie Run

Selfie run compressed
Participants must take a continuous selfie throughout this run. Warning: there is a high chance of injury from selfie sticks during this run.

On the Way Run

Otw run compressed

Stand at the starting line, waiting for your friend who said they were “on the way”. You can only start the run once your friend has arrived, an hour later.

Jho Low Run

JhoLow run compressed

Dress up as everyone’s favourite billionaire financial advisor and party lover. Then run as if you’re under investigation.

Illustrations by Lyn Ong

Do you have an idea for a fun run? Share it with us in the Comments!

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