Walking around the streets of Kuala Lumpur, we are passed by a sea of nameless faces, day in day out. In the flurry of activities that never cease to end in the city, Yeow arms himself with two cameras and hit the streets  of KL, which he deems a ‘heaven’ for street photography.

Many of Yeow’s photo subjects have shared their stories with him. According to him, while some streets may appear to look similar, many of them have unique features.  The daily flea market on Petaling Street is a famous attraction for local and international revelers that lasts through the night. Meanwhile, in Chow Kit, one can find people setting up a game of chess by the roadside nonchalantly. The morning market in Jalan Tiong Nam is where the friendly fishmongers and vegetable sellers hawk smiles and daily produce.

The series below is a journey of faces and the phases of the city which we often miss in the flurry of daily life and traffic.

In Pudu, it is common to find the mothers carrying their babies behind their back, tied snugly with a sarong as they do their daily groceries.


Two men taking a break at the back alley of China Town, Petaling Street. They work at a chicken slaughterhouse where the daily flea market is.

Yeow recounts how she was simply happy when he took an Instax photograph of her and gave it to her as a gift. This was at the market behind YMCA, Brickfields. She was the vegetable seller in the market.


Holding up his prized catch, the friendly fishmonger requested for a photo of him. This was at the outdoor wet market of Brickfields, located behind YMCA.

One of the few familiar faces, as she is quite popular among street photographers in KL Street. Yeow first met her on the streets around Central Market and Kota Raya last year. This friendly lady collects “rubbish” for recycling.


The Central Market, situated in the heart of the KL city is also known as a treasure trove for art and cultural shopping. Seen here is a sales assistant in one of the art galleries set up by local artists.


At a small tailoring shop behind the small police station, the Masjid India area is an old lady who has been a tailor there for at least 40 years.


Yeow Chin Liang is a photographer who usually shoots in film. He started taking photography seriously after getting himself an Olympus PEN EP2 M43 in 2010. Some of his tools for street photography are the Leica M6 and Hasselblad. For more of his street photography, visit his Flickr page.


Edited by Evelyn Teh