If you find a monthly salary of RM3,500 is not sufficient for the rising cost of living in KL, it’s time to consider taking up other means of earning some extra income.While having two jobs (we’re talking about contract employment) is not as realistic as it may sound, it seems to be the only way around the current Malaysian economic climate. Fortunately, the emergence of non-conventional businesses from e-commerce to hospitality and transportation has brought about a plethora of side job opportunities that don’t require full-time commitment.The current digital landscape presents the perfect opportunity for us all to earn supplementary income, risk-free. Now let’s explore 6 ways to generate side income without signing up a second job. 

Become an Uber or Grab driver

income 1 - driverAre you a frequent commuter who uses public transport? And do you own a smartphone? If it’s a yes to both, chances are, you have already experienced the mobility revolution of Uber and Grab. As these services are reportedly going to be legalised by year end, more and more people are joining the hype as either a part-time or full-time driver.By driving with Uber and/or Grab, you will be able to make money out of your vehicle, which is essentially a depreciating asset. Furthermore, you don’t have to be on the road 24/7 to wait for passengers as the operators themselves will do the marketing for you. On average, this occupation can earn a person approximately up to RM200 a day (assuming a driver makes 6 trips a day). 

Organise tours for travellers to Malaysia

income 2 - tour guideDid you know that you can be an independent tour operator and earn money from organising trips? Everything is possible now with the help of the Internet! Triip.me is where travellers meet locals to experience a personalised itinerary. As long as you have working knowledge of our country and a sense of ‘wanderlust’, this job can get you not only extra income but also a bunch of new friends from all around in the world!You can charge as much as you want for the tour (reasonably!) and Triip will only take a small percentage of commission once you have a successful booking. Some of the popular tour guides from Malaysia can earn up to RM250 for a day trip around KL. 

Become an Airbnb Host

income 3 - airbnbIt goes without saying that the tourism industry provides a great pool of income sources for people from all walks of life. Airbnb is among the best platforms to generate passive income. If you have an extra room (or even just an extra bed), why not make money out of it without actually having to work?All you need is a decent space to welcome any guest of your preference and also, make sure that you have set the house rules carefully to avoid unpleasant situations with your renters. Similar to Triip.me’s model, you can earn money once a booking is confirmed. You should refer to the actual market price from several property sites in Malaysia to decide on your room rate. 

Turn your hobby into a freelance job

income 4 - hobbyHobbies can be anything that you are passionate about other than your primary job. For example, if you like makeup, polish your skills to be recognised as a makeup artist and turn that talent into a freelance career. The same goes to those who are into photography, arts and crafts and even dancing, among many others.When it comes to determining your fees, it all boils down to your skills and experience. Don’t wait till the market gets tough; make use of your free time after work to build up a strong portfolio to earn up to thousands of ringgit with a freelance business today. Websites like mudah.my, servishero.com and kaodim.com are the most popular platforms to promote your services. 

Become a tutor

income 5 - tutorTutoring is one of the traditional ways of earning side income, especially when you are already in the education industry. Besides exam preparation or academic lessons as on myprivatetutor.my, you can also teach almost anything of your expertise, from languages to the sciences, as long as you have the necessary skills and a serious passion to educate.The best thing about being a tutor is that you can be your own boss outside of the office and the hourly rate can be as high as your 9 – 5 job. Check out the previously mentioned platforms (kaodim and servishero) to have your service listed for free. 

Establish your online store

income 6 - onlineWe have come to the holy ground of the Internet: online shopping. The e-commerce wave is still at its strongest phase with countless of new apps and sites introduced each year. And the majority of them runs on the C2C (customers to customers) business model, which means anyone can be a seller.What makes online selling a great income stream is the fact that you can list both new and pre-loved goods. The most popular online marketplaces in Malaysia include: Mudah.my, Lazada, Carousell, Duriana, Shopee and 11street.When it comes to registering to be an online seller, you have to ensure that your products, be it brand new or secondhand, are of good quality to avoid any hassle when dealing with your buyers. Once you become a trusted seller, be prepared for a stable flux of cash into your bank account.The ultimate goal of a successful person is always to make money work for them. Finding a way to earn supplementary income doesn’t run away from that statement. Don’t force yourself to work round the clock – only do what brings joy to your life while earning some extra bucks.If you have any other ideas for side jobs, feel free to let us know in the comments!***Contributed by CompareHero.my. CompareHero is a Malaysian Financial comparison platform, where you can compare credit cards, personal loans and broadband plans to save time and money.  

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