We all know the dangers of falling down the rabbit hole that is Instagram. It all started innocently enough. You signed up for an account and the next thing you know, you’re in Wonderland. You’re following everyone from self-proclaimed floor addicts to hipster dogs and cats.Due to its visual nature, Instagram may not seem like the most fitting social media platform for people prefer the written word. But book bloggers and reviewers, publishers, authors, editors, literary journals, and librarians have really taken a liking to the network since its inception. And now not a day goes by without someone posting a #bookporn, a #shelfie, or a review of the tome in their hands.It’s a great way to discover the next literary craze, interact with authors, and celebrate the love of literature with others who are just as obsessed with the written word as you are. Since we’d never pass up a chance to geek out over books and explore good reads, we rounded up 21 of the best bookstagram accounts on our feed right now. 

Bookstagram Pick #1: @readersofkl

Created by a local book club, KL Book Appreciation Club, in order to popularise the act of reading in public, this account spotlights Malaysian bookworms with their current reads. Reading locations range from mamak stalls to bookstores to warehouse sales to trees! 

Bookstagram Pick #2: @booksonthemove

The Malaysian branch of the global Books On the Move movement showcases Malaysians’ efforts to spread the love of reading with others. Get a few stickers and leave some books in public places and perhaps you’ll give a non-reader the greatest gift of all: a book. 

Bookstagram Pick #3: @oursharedshelf

Hoping to start more conversations on equality and intersectionality, Hermione Granger Emma Watson decided to create a feminist book club and the result is Our Shared Shelf. Featured reads include Hunger by Roxane Gay, The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood, and Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi. Snippets of interviews with authors and prominent voices are also shared here. Lucky us! 

Bookstagram Pick #4: @theguywiththebook

The guy behind The Guy With the Book, Faroukh, is a voracious reader whose wanderlust is just as great as his appetite for fiction. Follow him if you’re inclined to read books by the following authors ── Haruki Murakami, Arundhati Roy, and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Oh, and he hosts international giveaways from time to time. 

Bookstagram Pick #5: @subwaybookreview

If you’ve ever wanted to strike up a conversation with a stranger on the LRT because you’re wondering what they’re reading, follow this account pronto! Going subterranean, Uli Beutter Cohen speaks to strangers on the subway in New York, London, Mexico City, and Cairo to get their book reviews. After scrolling through hundreds of posts, you’ll realise you can’t judge people by the books they read. 

Bookstagram Pick #6: @belletrist

You may know Emma Roberts from her work on American Horror Story: Coven and Scream Queens, but did you know she’s an avid bookworm? Roberts founded Belletrist, an online book club, with her best friend, Karah Preiss, to share the books they were reading with others. Expect links to interviews with featured authors, GIFs of notable bibliophiles in pop culture, and followers’ thoughts on the book club’s picks. 

Bookstagram Pick #7: @penguinartgroup

Look, we animated a thing for @penguinclassics! #repost with @repostapp ・・・ Whether fiction or nonfiction, classic literature and the stories they tell help inform us of the past, provide historical context for the present, and equip us with knowledge for the future. Books provide education, empathy, and awareness, and in a time where support for the arts and humanities is under threat, illuminating the immeasurable value of literature feels more urgent and necessary than ever. Our new Penguin Classics brand poster highlights some of our favorite quotes that we've featured throughout our #RememberResistRediscover campaign, and we hope they give you as much insight and inspiration as they have us. Special thanks to the inimitably talented @penguinartgroup for making our poster come to life so beautifully ✨✊️

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This one’s for all readers who salivate over the art and typography on the covers just as much as they go nuts over the content between them. This Instagram account is dedicated to highlighting the designers and art directors at work on the titles published by Penguin and their imprints. 

Bookstagram Pick #8: @diversebooksclub

A group of readers dedicated to reading diverse books, this book club challenges ‘grammers to read books outside their comfort zones. Book club picks range from Refugee by Alan Gratz to The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead. 

Bookstagram Pick #9: @ernest_hedgingway

We’re well aware that there are plenty of cats, dogs and hot dudes who like to read. Nowadays, the well-read take their recommendations from Ernest Hedgingway, a self-avowed persnickety hedgehog with a taste for Ayn Rand, John Steinbeck, J.K. Rowling, and his namesake, Ernest Hemingway. 

Bookstagram Pick #10: @betweentwobooks

Thank you thank you thankyouuuu to each and every one of you 40,000 amazing individuals!!! Your support, enthusiasm and love mean everything to us ✨ with love, between two books #regram @florenceandthemachinee ・・・ CONGRATULATIONS to @betweentwobooks for reaching 40,000 followers!! This book club is the best idea ever and I'm so incredibly happy to be one of many people supporting it!! You girls are the sweetest people ever and I hope I'll get to do something this amazing in the future (and meet you guys too of course). All that you stand for, the amazing book recommendations and working along with @florence..all that makes me really happy and proud to be a fan of Florence + The Machine! Thank you for working hard and being awesome. Love you lots!

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Back in 2012, a Florence and the Machine fan suggested that Florence Welch start a book club where fans read books based on her recommendations. The club itself is mostly run by fans. Welch posts pics of her reads from time to time and interviewing authors like Donna Tartt using fans’ questions. Follow for recs from other celebs like Rookie founder Tavi Gevinson and actress Greta Gerwig. 

Bookstagram Pick #11: @lastnightsreading

Stephen King at Loew's Jersey Theatre, 6/7/16

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Until KL becomes a hotspot for our favourite authors, we’ll have to live vicariously through Kate Gavino’s sketches. The writer and illustrator attends readings in New York City and pairs quotes from each night’s reading to her drawing of the author. 

Bookstagram Pick #12: @bookscalling

Slovakian book lover Jakub Pavlovsky hopes people will make time for reading, anywhere, anytime, so he started the Book’s Calling project on Instagram. Every picture features him sitting with a book anywhere at any time as if the world pivots around the book and the reader. While we admire his gumption, we wouldn’t imitate some of his riskier poses. 

Bookstagram Pick #13: @tinybookreviews

Nadia Rawls, the social media director of @ted and the ‘grammer behind this handle, has a rather eclectic taste in books swinging from Paul Kalanithi’s heart-wrenching memoir When Breath Becomes Air to Kevin Kwan’s super addictive Crazy Rich Asians series. Follow her tiny book reviews if you like them short. 

Bookstagram Pick #14: @kirkus_reviews

Expect interviews and reviews from one of the most established voices in the book review scene. We’ve got to hand it to the Kirkus employees behind this feed because they sure have the knack for pairing the most fitting backgrounds to the books featured. 

Bookstagram Pick #15: @1stline

It was a story that made sense. #firstline #1stline #annapitoniak #thefutures #thefuturesnovel

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“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a book in possession of a good first line must be in want of a reader.” Are you a picky book snob who judges books by their covers? Well, don’t be so prejudiced. You should judge a book by its first line instead. 

Bookstagram Pick #16: @bookfaceerina

Pssst…. people with books for faces are slowly taking over the world! Matching a book to your face or body is a fun way to show off the book you’re reading. While there are many Instagrammers strutting their #bookface in really creative poses, @bookfaceerina’s account gives us major book modelling inspiration. 

Bookstagram Pick #17: @bookbento

The Instagram feed of book prescription site, Read It Forward, recommends books in a bento-like layout that’s aesthetically soothing to everyone’s inner minimalist. Forgive us but there are only so many multi-coloured flatlays we can take before we succumb to a book-murdering rage. 

Bookstagram Pick #18: @literaryhub

Today we celebrate Shakespeare's 400th death-iversary with 6 hot takes about his work

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What you signed up for: Book recs and breakdowns of these literary times. What you’ll get: All that and yearnings for the gorgeous Literary Hub totes and the animals that pop up in random shots. Sadly, neither the totes nor the animals are for sale. 

Bookstagram Pick #19: @bookshelfporn

Stony Island Arts Bank, Chicago.

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Have you watched the scene where Belle gushes over the library Beast gives her a thousand times? If you said ‘yes’ to that question, this account is a must-follow for you. If that dream of having a personal library seems too far away, let these images of the most beautiful libraries on earth placate you. 

Bookstagram Pick #20: @graywolfpress

Congratulations to Kevin Young and BUNK for being longlisted for the National Book Award in Nonfiction!

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It was pure torture picking just one publisher. Publishers (shoutouts to @riverheadbooks, @penguinbooks, @vikingbooks, and @mcswys) are really bringing their A game to the table. We have to hand it to Graywolf Press though. Their books seem to show up in the oddest places. 

Bookstagram Pick #21: @ice_cream_books

We hate to break it to the java worshippers but the book and coffee shot is overhyped. An ice-cream and a book is a better coupling in our books (pun absolutely intended). One question remains: Were any books harmed in the making of these shots? Happy bookstagramming! By Zoe Liew.http://rusbankinfo.ru займ на карту срочно без отказа