PUTRAJAYA: The government will soon roll out another new and original slogan, “We’re lovin’ it”, to promote national unity.

A newly appointed Minister of Slogans said the theme would complement the recently announced “Endless Possibilities”, which would complement the classic “1 Malaysia: People First. Performance Now” slogan, which was an expansion of the even more classic “Malaysia Boleh!” slogan.

“We are very proud of how creative and original our tagline is. We spent many long minutes thinking this up, and cancelled two of our five daily coffee breaks to brainstorm,” Minister Tiru said proudly.

“’The tagline will be launched in October, together with our new tagline for the Ministry of Agriculture. It will be ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’.”

Tiru said that since Malaysians seemed to really love taglines, his ministry would soon be launching slogans for many other national ministries and departments.

He revealed that the new tagline for the Women’s Ministry will be “Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Malaysia,” while the tagline for the Ministry of Recreation would be “Have a break, have a Malaysia”.

The passport department’s tagline would be “Don’t Leave Home Without It”, the Ministry of Communications would be “I Will Follow You”, while the Ministry of Transportation would be “Gives you wings.”

“The police’s tagline will be ‘Just Do It’, and the Home Ministry’s will be ‘Impossible is nothing,’” he added. “Now, everyone can have a tagline. They’re grrrr-eat! Think different.”

He went on to deny allegations that his Ministry’s slogans were suspiciously similar to various other taglines already on the market.

“That is ridiculous. All our taglines were thought up laboriously by our politicians, the finest minds in the nation. If they are any similarities, I bet you they copied us first.”

The “Endless Possibilities” tagline has recently drawn flak for allegedly being similar to Israel’s “One Place. Endless Possibilities” tourism campaign, while the 1Malaysia tagline was earlier also alleged to be copied from the 1Israel theme.

Minister Tiru added that although copious amounts of funds had been spent on the drafting of these taglines, it would all be worth it in the long run.

“There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s the Ministry,” Tiru concluded.

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