The sinkhole on Jalan Imbi could be productively used. Photo courtesy of
The sinkhole on Jalan Imbi could be productively used. Photo courtesy of

Just one day after a road collapsed at a major city intersection, Federal Territories Minister has announced measures to clean up Kuala Lumpur’s image. But the concerns on Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor’s mind are not construction safety.

According to the Minister’s announcement, the homeless are the ones letting everyone down. As a result, from Monday, fines will be imposed on soup kitchens that distribute aid to the homeless within a 2km area of Kuala Lumpur’s golden triangle.

The minister explained the decision by saying that “the image of my city is very bad”. But many have been outraged by his announcement. After all, the NGOs who support the poor and homeless and working to improve the lives of the city’s most vulnerable people.

Might we then humbly suggest a solution to please all parties? Since the intersection of Jalan Imbi is currently closed for two weeks, due to the collapse of an underground tunnel, why not use the sinkhole to hide Kuala Lumpur’s homeless out of sight?

The NGOs can continue to do their work, tourists won’t have to see poor people as they shop for luxury goods, and the sinkhole will be productively used – we can even save the cost of repairing it. After all, if there’s another tunnel collapse and the homeless die, it’s their fault anyway – isn’t it?


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