Minions. Photo: Creative Commons.

The Malaysian sex bloggers attracted fresh outrage from the public as they were charged with the crime of hoarding Minions toys from McDonald’s to start a black market.

The bloggers have already been charged under the Sedition Act, the Film Censorship Act and the Penal Code. But the latest revelation has been deemed “the most heinous of their crimes.”

“Do these people have no shame?” cried a mother of young children, who had been queuing up since dawn to buy Minions toys, only to discover that the adorable figurines were sold out.

Police were contacted on an anonymous tip-off that the bloggers were behind an elaborate plan to undermine national harmony by buying up vast numbers of Minions. It is understood that they planned to sell them in order to raise money for bail.

“This kind of behaviour puts our multi-racial society at risk,” said one officer who was in charge of a raid of the bloggers’ home. Hundreds of Minions were seized and are currently being held by the police as evidence.

Queues shifted away from McDonald’s as people gathered outside the police station, hoping the Minions would be released. One businessman, among the crowds, said that the bloggers were “despicable people”.

“Their actions could have incited riots”, he added.

Photo: Creative Commons.