Deep Water

The 100 year old traditions of Kampung Hakka are under threat, reports Sharon Chin.

* The widely reported statistic of 5000 billion m3 comes from a study conducted in 1982. Considering what development has wrought on our natural landscape in that time, its viability is questionable. The 7% recharge rate is from a 2012 study, and gives a more accurate picture of our groundwater - it means that of the 974 billion m3 of rain Malaysia gets every year, 64 billion m3 is stored underground. See 'Caveat over large-scale groundwater extraction', 6 May 2014, The Sun Daily.

** Sime Darby's 2009 Annual Report states that the groundwater project is commencing its development stage, while the 2010 Annual Report states that it is under review. For opposition to the project, see 'Study Report on Groundwater Resources Development Project in the District of Batang Padang, Perak Darul Ridzuan - A Reminder to Malaysia' by Federation of Malaysian Consumers (FOMCA), Water and Energy Consumer Association of Malaysia (WECAM) and Forum Air Malaysia. See also Sime Darby's response: 'Groundwater is a Sustainable and Reliable Source of Water', 25 Aug 2009.

Deep Water is the second story in Sharon Chin's series about water in Malaysia. Research for this article was carried out with support from Krishen Jit ASTRO Fund. Read the first part in the series here.