Zombie Run Malaysia

Zombie Run Malaysia is one of the featured activities at this weekend’s Festival Belia. Chacha Charan, the head organiser, describes Zombie Run as “a combination of fitness and wit, where participants will have to outrun the zombies in the fastest time possible.” Here, Chacha shares Zombie Run’s top tips for creating the look of the undead:

1. Make–up

Zombies usually have pale skin, so use make-up powder to get this effect. For the eyes, you can buy special contacts that turn your eyes cloudy and makes your pupils smaller. Mess up your hair and apply talcum powder on your head to create white hair. Use baby oil to make it look greasy and unkept.

2. Blood

Create some fake blood (food colouring, corn syrup, water) and apply it on your mouth and your wardrobe to make it look that you have just had some brains for breakfast. Experiment with different hues of blood at different parts to get a more realistic effect: the darker the colour, the more aged the blood will seem.

3. Torn clothes

Zombies don’t have clean, proper clothes. Tear your clothes as if though 4 zombies clawed you on your way back from work last night. The more ragged, tattered and torn your clothes are, the closer you are to being a zombie.

4. Moan like a zombie

Zombies make loud noises such as growls, moans and grunts. Try to emulate one that induces fear into the person that you are trying to scare. It should be sudden, loud and terrifying!

5. Break your body parts

Zombies don’t have all their body parts intact. When moving, “break” one or two parts of your body (eg, breaking your shoulder means you render that whole arm immobile) to move like a zombie, dragging certain limbs along. You could also experiment with bullet shot wounds, scars and scratches.

Take part in the Zombie Run at Festival Belia Putrajaya, 23 – 25 May 2014. Participants are required to form groups consisting of four members each, and at least one member has to make it out alive, before the end of each wave. For more festival events, click here.