Flower Garland. Photo: net_efekt, Attribution License, Creative Commons.
1. Wear garlands of flowersSurround yourself in a natural floral scent. Preferably stronger smelling flowers like the rose, gardenia or jasmine and replace flowers once they start showing signs of browning. You could make your own or else buy the ready made ones from Hindu places of worship. Note: fake flowers would not work the same way. Займы с 18 лет без отказов на карту. 2. Deodorant/perfume/cologneIn absence of fresh flowers, we turn to the bottle. Small and compact, these are your best friend when all else fails. Containing chemically produced scents, you’ll still be smelling as fresh as a daisy in no time (or whichever fragrance you chose). Just remember to apply/spray liberally at all parts of your body. Old Spice anyone?3. Mingle with other people who do not have water tooBirds of the same feather, flock together. For a very obvious reason, they would smell too. No one would be able to tell then who smells the worse and your own scent will be covered up nicely.4. Have the fan blowing towards you at all timesBut make sure everyone else is standing behind the fan. The wind will carry away any unfavourable smells and it’ll help you keep cool. Simple and easy solution to make yourself “fresh” in an instant!5. Baby wipes/wet wipesThis is legit. Wipe it all down! Not only does it help you stay refresh, baby wipes usually come with a light, airy scent as well. Honestly, nobody would be able to tell the difference after.6. Rub dry leaves all overWho doesn’t love the smell of dried leaves? Musky, a bit woody, it reminds us a bit of spring time. Gather a bunch of dried leaves from your favourite tree and proceed to have a good rub down all over. Just remember to dust the remnants off after you’re done.7. Chocolate bathAlternative forms of bathing are totally in vogue right now! Not enough water? Have the chocolate bath instead. Not only is it good for rejuvenating your skin, you’d be smelling so delectable after the bath everyone would want to take a bite out of you instead! For a “juicier” alternative, try doing it with fruits.8. Pretend the smell isn’t thereThink of Emperor’s New Clothes. Use this only as a last resort due to high risk factor. Try and convince everyone else you smell perfectly fine. “It’s all in the mind” you say and if you believe in it hard enough, it’ll become true.  Trust us.