Media Prima Raya 2014

Raya adverts set the tone for the season, with companies and their ad agencies competing for the title of most memorable or heartwarming advert. While none of these ads are particular groundbreaking, we’re still left with a warm glow. Multiracial harmony? Check. Picturesque kampung houses? Check. Cute kids and classic songs? Check and check.

Gone are the days of Raya adverts featuring helpless octogenarians waiting longingly for their workaholic children to come back for Raya. Media Prima’s network has decided to keep it light-hearted with an elderly couple resorting to various shenanigans to trick their children into staying longer in the kampung. Remember, they are not beyond hiding your car keys and feigning illness.


Petronas returns with an endearing Raya ad that follows a lively young girl who cavorts around a wooden house in the last moments of Ramadan, and into the morning of Raya. Accompanied by a saccharine ukulele rendition of the classic song Suasana Hari Raya, the camera circles the kampung house following her antics, until we glide into the future.


Paying tribute their employees, TNB’s charming ad features men and women singing their stoic version of Saloma’s Selamat Hari Raya while working during this festive season. This ad comes in two other flavours, pop and joget. Make sure to watch all three to get different glimpse into their lives!


If you are up for a tearjerker, then look no further. This seven minute mini-film is about an elderly man taking a slow drive with his wife around the kampung, as his initially indifferent grandson tries to find him before buka puasa. Product placement aside, the video tells a poignant story of enduring love and bridging inter-generational gap.

Audi Bin Ali