The Backstreet Boys performed at Twin Towers Alive in 2013.

It was the decade of baggy jeans, curtain hair and the re-interpretation of “irony” by Alanis Morrissette. Now, the nineties has come back to haunt KL’s live music circuit. It’s as if Malaysia is stuck in a time warp where the stars of your younger years magically appear: older, chubbier and with a distant look in their eyes. Still, better late than never?

Craig David

He met this girl on Monday, he took her for a drink on Tuesday, and then 15 years later he scheduled a show in KL. Craig David’s first single, “Re-Rewind”, got him a break in 1999. We thought he went away after his debut album Born To Do It (which included “7 Days”), but apparently he put out four more albums, a Greatest Hits compilation and is going to release a new album this year. He’s also stopped wearing a hat.

Performing at Twin Towers Alive, 28-29 March 2014.

Michael Learns To Rock

After finding international fame in the early nineties, somehow this Danish band managed to mark themselves on the Malaysian consciousness forever. So much so that they played in Malaysia in 2011 for their world tour and again for the opening of Setia City Mall in 2012. If karaoke machines could talk, they would probably be screaming, “NO! Not again! Please!!!”

Performed at Setia City Mall opening in June 2012. Performing The MAX Pavilion in Singapore in February 2014.

The Smashing Pumpkins

After more than a decade of being the soundtrack to grungy teenage parties, The Smashing Pumpkins broke up in 2000 and Billy Corgan launched (and then wrapped) a new band as Zwan. In 2005, he announced he’d be “reforming” The Smashing Pumpkins, though he was left as the only original member. That didn’t stop them from headlining Good Vibes Festival last year along with another throwback band – Ash.

Played at Good Vibes Festival, November 2013.

Backstreet Boys

Everyone knows that The Backstreet Boys exist beyond time and space.

Performed at Twin Towers Alive in March 2013.

Ling Low