This month’s Poskod Talks explores the theme, “Mapping Kuala Lumpur”.

Maps have evolved beyond two-dimensional representation of roads, bridges, buildings. Well, not entirely. However, the process of mapping today shows more than just the geography or navigation of a place. Whether the visual representation is literal or relative, spatial or cultural, mapping a city is increasingly an important process that highlights relevant information and reveals meaningful patterns.
This is our 5th installment of Poskod Talks and we speak to four individuals who map interesting data in Kuala Lumpur. What are the data, methods, devices, applications and importance of these maps?
Confirmed Speakers:
1. MARK TEH, lecturer/performer
Mark Teh is a researcher, educator, performance director and organiser. whose diverse, collaborative projects are particularly concerned with the issues of history, memory and participation in the Malaysian context. He teaches at the Department of Performance & Media, Sunway University, and is a member of Five Arts Centre.
Recent projects include directing the documentary performances The 1955 Baling Talks (Singapore Arts Festival 2011) and Gostan Forward: a solo performance lecture by Marion D’Cruz (touring 2009-present); co-curating the Emergency Festival: sebuah darurat dua minggu (2008) and Save Our Placards! (Hyde Park and Museum of London, UK, 2011); and co-producing projects for Fahmi Reza (10 Tahun Sebelum Merdeka, 2007), PopTeeVee (The Fairly Current Show and That Effing Show), and Liew Seng Tat (Projek Angkat Rumah).  He teaches at the Department of Performance & Media, Sunway University, and is a member of Five Arts Centre.
2. LEW PIK SVONN, co-founder of Chow Kit Kita
A Kuala Lumpur resident since the age of 5, Pik-Svonn, now 29, has only recently began exploring and learning about the city she calls home. In 2008, Pik-Svonn started conducting free classes for underprivileged children in Chow Kit. Two years later, she quit her business of 8 years and her voluntary work quickly evolved into a 3-year community mapping project with teenagers. Pik-Svonn co-founded Projek Chow Kit Kita and is currently working on a new community mapping project in Brickfields to promote religious understanding.
3. JEFFREY LIM, designer/bespoke-bicycle guru
Jeffrey Lim is a graphic designer by training. He runs Studio 25, a design studio focussed on graphic design, photography, and bicycles. An avid cyclist, he shares his passion for bicycles through Village Bicycles, a movement in support of local and communal cycling. Drawn to maps and driven by the lack of proper cycling routes, he has started a community-built map project to draw out different cycling routes within KL. The project is still on-going.
4. TERCIA GOH, nomadic copywriter
“Sometimes you find beauty in the most obscure places, but more often you’ll find it literally right under your nose.”
Tercia Goh is a nomadic copywriter in transition between two cities, Melbourne and Kuala Lumpur. She has been mapping out her journey for a personal project dubbed #globalfootprints since 1996, the offspring of her passion for travel and photography. A designer wannabe, an ex-bartender, marketeer, social media manager and all round social whore, she is blessed with the innate ability to sift out the closest bar within a 3 block radius. Tercia is currently a digital mad women at Tribal DDB.
Date: Saturday, 28 July 2012
Time: 4.30pm – 6.00pm (entry from 4.00pm)
Venue: Seksan Gallery, 67 Tempinis 1, Bangsar
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