#MerdekaKL, a group against the 118-storey mega tower slated to be built on the site of Taman Merdeka, will be hosting multiple events on Merdeka Day this year. These activities aim to reclaim public spaces in protest at the planned PNB project.
From 11am to 6pm, the public are invited to set up a temporary park on sidewalks around the former Taman Merdeka site as part of “Merdeka PARK-ing”. There will be picnics, games and live music to promote the ways that public spaces can be used.
From 3pm, there will be a “March for Merdeka Park”. Members of the public can also expect to see a reappearance of the iconic mushroom pavilion which was a focal point of the old Taman Merdeka. The mushroom was recently featured in a “Missing” poster campaign designed by Fahmi Reza.
“We hope that Merdeka Park can be reclaimed and the Menara Warisan will be stopped,” said Wan Shazrina Zin, one of the #MerdekaKL members. She added that the activities aim to raise awareness as “a lot of people don’t know the development is being continued.”
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