Have you seen those empty lots on the streets  of our cities? Have you ever felt the forbidden urge to see them planted with trees instead of bare concrete? Seen those neglected planter boxes? Now you can do something about it! Come join the Seed Party and learn how to make seed bombs!

At the seed party, plants are our biggest clients, we fight for their rights to be in the concrete jungle and our biggest tool is the ‘seed bomb’.

So what is a seed bomb… does it explode? Well, no… unfortunately… A seed bomb is just a thing that holds the seed and the required nutrients for the plant to have a kickstart!

It is good to note that our biggest enemies are the seed stealing crows. Plants face a lot of opposition from a lot of things, from bad soils to hot weather. But all these can be converted into positivity if the plants were to be given a place in the concrete jungle! The right plants can fix bad soil, cool down the weather and have enough food for nice wildlife!

So this is how to make a mud seed bomb. Our very own homecooked recipie.

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